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Publications & Resources

We offer here some of the publications, articles, clippings and other resources by and about SIlver Lotus Training Institute staff and students.

Please note that we reserve copyright to all of these materials. They are offered for your personal use. If you wish to reproduce or use the materials for any other purpose, we request that you please contact us for permission and give credit to the authors and SIlver Lotus Lotus Training Institute.

Silver Lotus Brochures and Flyers

Current Schedule of Weekly Classes in Lewes, Delaware

"Yoga for Health Programs" Brochure

"Tai Chi & Qigong for Health" Brochure

"Tai Chi, Qigong, and TaiYoQi™" Brochure

"Therapeutic Svadhyaya Yoga™ Teacher Training Programs" Brochure

Papers and Other Publications

"Yoga - the Greatest Gift" by Julie Peoples-Clark

"Yoga After Breast Cancer Program Using Svadhyaya Yoga™ and Naturopathic Diet" by Cyndee Trower, Susan Hamadock and Kim Furtado

"Yoga for Support of Healing from Depression" by Marianne Walch

"Yoga and Tai Chi Open Door to Wellness" by Susan Hamadock