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Susan Hamadock and Marianne Walch

The Directors of Silver Lotus Training Institute

Susan Hamadock, M.A., LCSW, ST, E-RYT500
Founder and Director

Susan Hamadock, SLTI Founder and DirectorSusan is the Program Director and founder of Silver Lotus Training Institute.  A former professional classical ballet dancer, she taught ballet, modern dance, and has extensive study in labanotation, anatomy and physiology and applied kinesiology at both the college and professional levels. She began her studies in Yoga in 1972. In 1985, Susan earned a Masters Degree in Social Work and began developing methods by which a holistic Mind/Body/Spirit approach can be incorporated into the clinical mental health setting.   In 1992 she was certified to teach by White Lotus Foundation and later did advanced teacher training there.  She has also studied Iyengar, Kripalu and Viniyoga styles.  She is a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner and was a Mentor and Teacher for the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Training Program. 

Susan founded Silver Lotus Training Institute in 1993 and has been training students and teachers in Svadhyaya Yoga™ since then.  In a commitment to excellence, Silver Lotus Training Institute was one of the first professional schools to be registered with the Yoga Alliance.  She has been teaching Yoga and Mental Health trainings since 2000. 

In 2000, her developing interest in Tai Chi took her to China, where she studied the practice.  She has also studied in Australia and the United States, and continues to study with such esteemed trainers as Dr. Paul Lam, Master William Ting and Al Huang.

Since 2005, Susan’s primary teacher has been Dr. Paul Lam.  She is a Senior Trainer for the Tai Chi for Health Insitute , a world wide organization that has been recognized by the Center for Disease Control for its contribution of evidence –based study of the benefits of tai chi for health.  She is certified to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis,  Tai Chi for Diabetes and Tai chi for Energy by Dr. Lam.  Additionally, Susan teaches Yang 24, 40 and Sun 73, Moving Stillness Fan form and Qigong.

Throughout her personal and professional practices, Susan emphasizes inte-gration of healing modalities. She has authored a curriculum for Yoga Teacher Training. Susan’s personal and professional commitment is to enhance these healing modalities by incorporating the strongest aspects of each.

Marianne Walch, Ph.D., ST, E-RYT500
Associate Director

Marianne Walch, SLTI Associate DirectorMarianne works closely with Susan Hamadock in directing the programs of Silver Lotus Training Institute.  In her day job, she has worked for nearly 30 years as an environmental scientist and microbiologist and has held a variety of academic and government positions in this field.  Currently she works as the Science & Restoration Coordinator for the Delaware Center for the Inland Bays.  Marianne began studying yoga in the early 1990's, while living in the Washington DC area.  She became certified as a Svadhyaya Yoga™ teacher in 2001, moved to the Delaware shore shortly afterward and has been teaching with Silver Lotus ever since.  She has also been practicing and teaching tai chi at the Institute since 2005. 

Marianne is an experienced Svadhyaya Yoga™ teacher, as well as a Senior Trainer with the Tai Chi for Health Institute.  She is registered at the highest level with the Yoga Alliance and is a senior faculty member in the Silver Lotus yoga and tai chi teacher training programs.  She also maintains the Institute's website.  Marianne teaches classes for people affected by cancer through the Cancer Support Community of Delaware and serves as Vice President and webmaster of the U.S. Tai Chi for Health Community.  She is certified to teach Dr. Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Diabetes and Tai Chi for Energy programs.  In addition, she has studied and teaches a variety of other tai chi and qigong styles, including Sun 73 Forms, Yang 24 Forms, 42 Combined Forms, and several sword and fan forms.

Marianne's special interests include using yoga, tai chi and qigong practices for stress reduction and in recovery from emotional and physical illnesses and injury.  She has become known for her ability to adapt poses and practices to fit the needs of almost anyone, regardless of fitness level, body type, illness or injury.  Marianne also enjoys her cats, photography and art, birding, native plant gardening, hiking and kayaking.