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Our Approach to Tai Chi and Qigong

Our approach to teaching Tai Chi and Qigong evolved out of our concern for the social, interpersonal, intrapsychic and stress-related health problems facing contemporary society. Elements of both contemporary body/mind psychology and systems of energy anatomy (chakras and meridians/channels) are incorporated into our style of teaching and of training teachers.

There are many Tai Chi and Qigong forms practiced in our country today. Regardless of which form or style that one practices, a committed student will experience positive changes in energy flow, stress-reduction and a sense of well-being. No two people will experience the practice of Tai Chi and Qigong in the same way. Each person has individual energy blocks, discomfort, or problems of aging that are unique to that indiviual’s life experience. Therefore, each student will discover his or her own “way” or Tao through consistent study and practice.

At Silver Lotus we focus on each person’s experience, carefully guiding the student based on that student’s individual questions, needs and preferences. We do not attemtpt to fit the student into the form or style; but rather, we try to find a form or style that will work for the individual. If teacher and student can’t find a form that resonates for the student, then teacher and student create a form that does, employing the classic principles and practices inherent in all of Tai Chi and Qigong.

At Silver Lotus, the manner in which we study and practice the traditional forms evolve from “within” and involves structural, physiological, emotional, social and intellectual aspects of the human experience. When a student executes a movement in the ideal manner for that student’s body, (safety and comfort first) with effective breath control, these aspects re-align and come into energetic harmony. From this placeof harmony energy pathways resonate and open increasing the flow of Qi (chee). Thus, the student may experience this harmony as deep relaxation, feelings of joy or contentment or peaceful sensations. This increased flow of Qi and the subsequent feelings of well-being set the student on the “way” or “path” of self-acceptance and connection with The Tao. In other words, we experience greater Harmony with Higher Consciousness or Nature.

Rather than focusing on one style, our intention is to incorporate the most beneficial principles and practices of a variety of styles and forms. It is in this way that we can assist our students in having an individualized experience. Each class at Silver Lotus begins with a relaxed standing or sitting practice of body awareness and stillness. We observe the energy pathways, our breathing and our feelings. When we begin to animate the body though movement, we start with safe warm-ups. We proceed to the cultivation and enhancement of Qi through specific Qigong methods. These practices ready us to begin to learn and play with various forms of Tai chi. We are committed to helping you create an enjoyable experience. We welcome questions, discussion, humor and a sense of play to our classes. when time permits, we also take short breaks for light refreshment and tea!

At Silver Lotus, we are currently offering Tai Chi for Health forms developed by Dr. Paul Lam. These forms include Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for Diabetes, Tai Chi for Rehabilitation, and Tai Chi for energy. We also offer Yang Style 24 and 40 forms, Sun Style 73 forms, 32- and 42-Sword Forms and a variety of single and double fan forms. Our Qigong practices included self massage, tapping, visualization, meditation, Shibashi 1, 2, and 3, Six Healing Sounds, and Eight Brocades.

Our classes are geared to support individual needs of our students. We teach classes to folks who have cancer, those with movement disorders such as parkinsons disease and multiple schlerosis. We also teach Tai Chi to people in wheel chairs and others who may be limited in their movement abilities.

As with our Svadhyaya yoga, we believe that since each body “wears” its life in a unique way, we discourage the idea that your body must “fit” a particular movement or form. We teach our classes so that the forms fit your needs.

The Silver Lotus Training Institute is committed to offering in-depth tai chi teacher training emphasizing philosophy, principles of movment, anatomy, physiology, energy anatomy and meditation. We celebrate didversity and embrace all people regardless of color, ethnic background, religion, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Please join us for a unique learning adventure. Receive Individualized Instruction in these times when Tai Chi and Qigong are becoming industrialized.