Silver Lotus
Training Institute

Tai Chi/Qigong Introductory Teacher & Leadership
Training Program

We are pleased to announce one of our newest and most innovative training programs.  This training is designed for folks who have been doing Tai Chi/Qigong and who want to share it with others.

We will explore  teaching methodology,  simple tai chi forms, the importance of breath, breathing techniques, simple qigong forms, ta ichi and qigong with a chair, self massage, simple anatomy and physiology, and teaching safety.

This course can be completed on its own or combined with future on-going Tai Chi & Qigong Teacher Training programs. Suitable for beginners and experienced people alike.

The Tai Chi & Qigong Leadership/Teacher Training Program is for students who have a passion for Tai Chi and Qigong and who want to share that passion with the broader community. Students will be prepared to lead an abbreviated Tai Chi form and incorporate qigong from a chair or standing. Your own practice will deepen, you will enhance the benefits, and you will enjoy relaxation and fun.

This training is also a wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend retreat “playing” Tai Chi - relaxation and a sense of renewal is guaranteed! Great even for those who don't necessarily want to teach tai chi, but who wish to know more and gain a deeper understanding of this powerful yet simple practice.

Dates: Next training dates to be anounced. For more information, please contact us at (302) 644-0130, ext. 8,, or by email to