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Tai Chi & Qigong for Health

Tai Chi and Qigong are enjoyable and has been shown in many scientifically valid research studies to improve many aspects of health.  Aside from the health benefits, Tai Chi and Qigong run deep and strong because of their own depth and strength.  The practices are easy to learn and become a way of life for many practitioners. 

Several styles of Tai Chi and Qigong are taught at Silver Lotus, all with emphasis on maintaining health and wellness.  Classes are fun and relaxed, and we use a stepwise progressive method of teaching the forms that makes them easy to learn.  The instructors at Silver Lotus Training Institute have studied with Dr. Paul Lam, Master William Ting and Susan Hamadock and have been certified to teach.  

Tai Chi Fan Form   Sun Style Tai Chi   Chair Chi

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi, also known as shadow boxing, is an internal martial art that originates from ancient China. Now it is practiced throughout the world as an effective exercise for health. Tai Chi consists of fluid, gentle movements that are relaxed and slow in tempo.  Breathing is deepened and slowed, aiding visual and mental concentration, relaxing the body and allowing the life force, or “Qi,” to flow unimpeded throughout the body.  It can be practiced almost anywhere and is a suitable form of exercise for just about anyone, regardless of age or fitness level.  Tai Chi is a powerfully holistic approach to better health.

What is Qigong?

Is similar to Tai chi but goes beyond the martial art application of the movements.  Qigong refers to a variety of medical and non-medical practices and movements which are also designed to cultivate and circulate qi (pronounced “chee”).  Qigong brings us quickly to a meditative place. 

Our classes at Silver Lotus often begin with the meditative aspects of Qigong.  These are simple yet profound slow movements which are coordinated with breath and combined with an internal focus to bring us to an internal stillness and sense of relaxation.  We also include healing self massage techniques, primarily of the hands, feet and ears.  These allow the body in its healing state to unblock and stimulate qi, creating its own medicine.  We learn to deepen the breath so that the circulatory system, the lymphatic system and the energy system can be cleansed and re-vitalized.  We “play”  Tai chi during classes to develop strength and depth.  We usually finish our classes with “washing” the qi: a technique to balance the energy system and to increase the flow of qi throughout the body.

What is TaiYoQi™?

TaiYoQi™ is an approach that has been developed by Susan Hamadock which synthesizes the finest therapeutic aspects of yoga, tai chi (primarily yang style) and qigong into one class format.  Classes in TaiYoQi™ include qigong and kosa meditation, self massage, self reflection, breathing techniques, tai chi, and qigong movements as well as deep yoga stretches.   Intersecting Daoist and Yoga philosophies are studied and discussed.

What is Chair Chi?

These gentle movement forms are designed as comprehensive, whole body movements that improve circulation, joint and muscle flexibility. Done sitting for those who use scooter, wheelchairs, walkers, canes or who have difficulty standing.

Chair Chi   Yang Style Tai Chi   24-Forms Tai Chi

Tai Chi & Qigong Classes at Silver Lotus


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