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Lewes Senior Activities Center
Tai Chi Class Information, Winter 2020

Tai Chi Classes at Lewes Senior Center  begin January 7, 2020
Instructor: Susan Hamadock, Program Directori, Slver Lotus Training Institute
Phone: 302-381-0585

Tuesday at 9:15-10:30am
Ongoing Tai Chi class.  Experience in Yang 24 forms, Sun style TCA and 73 forms, Single Fan form is helpful.  Best suited for those with some experience in Tai Chi or Qigong.  (Not well suited for total beginners.)  We will continue to work on depth of these forms and both new qigong and Tai Chi movements.  Cost $6.00

Thursday at 9:00-10:30am
Advanced Tai Chi Class.  Experience in Yang 24, 26 Competition, TCA, Sun 73, Single Fan, Double Fan, Yang 32 Sword  and a variety of Qigong forms.  Experience in Tai Chi is required though it is not necesssary to know all of these forms.  Please call if you would like to attend this class.  Class is taught in a workshop format, reviewing prinicples, teaching methods and depth.  $15.00

Thursday at 10:30 - 11:45 am
On-going Tai Chi class.  Experience in Sun Styles (TCA and 73), Yang 24 forms and some experience in fan and sword forms is recommended.  This class is also taught as a workshop, reviewing principles, teaching methods and depth.  Cost $12.00

Thursday at 11:45 am - 12:45 pm 
Ongoing Tai Chi Class Suitable for Beginners.  This class will begin with an introduction to Sun Style - Tai Chi for Arthritis as well as Yang style 24 forms.  Cost $6.00

All of our classes are Tai Chi and Qigong Programs for Health.  This means that we will help you to adapt movements to your individual needs and learn how to move within your own comfort zone.   These classes are conducted in the spirit of the Tai Chi Salute which means "Friendship, Humility and Strength from my heart to yours."