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About Svadhyaya Yoga™

Be at ease. Be in deep peace. Keep It with you...

The style of yoga studied and practiced at Silver Lotus Training Institute is referred to as Svadhyaya Yoga™ and is based on the belief that the study and practice of yoga is a profound human response to our innermost, non-religious longing for deep connection with Higher Consciousness. Svadhyaya Yoga™ evolved out of a deep concern for the social, interpersonal, intrapsychic and stress-related health problems facing contemporary society. Elements of contemporary Body/Mind psychology, as well as the Chakra system, developed in Tantrism (about 1000 c.e.) are integrated into this style to fully address the diverse needs of people living in our complex, modern world.

There are many styles of yoga practiced and studied in our country today. Regardless of the style she or he studies, a serious student (sadhaka) must harness enough self-discipline to face the daunting challenge of self-discovery. Through diligent and careful study and practice, she or he will inevitably encounter the experience of discovering the inner self (atman) and the simultaneous unfolding to the presence of Higher Consciousness. This process is highly individualized because each body resonates with Higher Consciousness or with the Divine Source in its own unique way.

Each person will experience this harmony and union with Higher Consciousness in a distinct way. (The terms "Higher Consciousness", "Divine Source", and "True Nature" are used interchangeably.) No two people will experience the study or practice of Yoga in the same way. Nor will any two individuals attain the same benefits or ultimate results from study and practice. No two individuals need to achieve the same results because each of us in on a unique karmic path and, therefore, requires our own unique lessons. This recognition of the interface between the unique qualities of the individual, the innate ability to connect with Higher Consciousness, and the birth right of each individual to unfold in her or his own unique way sets Svadhyaya Yoga™apart from other systems. 

Svadhyaya Yoga™ is unique because its intention is to cultivate and validate the individualization of the yoga experience through careful guidance and query. The teaching of this style of yoga, therefore, is highly individualized, with small classes and an emphasis on the importance of the trusting relationship between teacher and student. At Silver Lotus Training Institute there is no right or wrong way to conceptualize the body, the postures, or the breathing (effectiveness and safety are essential to the practice). Instead, teachers carefully guide students to explore their own experiences of yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, and samadhi. The teachers' intentions are to support the students' development of witness consciousness, acceptance, non-attachment and ultimately, resonance. Resonance is defined as the phenomenon occurring during the practice of asana or meditation when the inner attention (pratyahara and dharana), the breath (prana maya kosha), and the intuitive body (vignana maya kosha) align and create the unfolding of the bliss body (ananda maya kosha) which then facilitates the powerful opening to Higher Consciousness, Our True Nature. It is through resonance and connectedness with the Higher Consciousness that each of us discovers our own true nature (atman).

At Silver Lotus Training Institute the manner in which we study and practice yoga evolves from "within " and involves structural, physiological, emotional and intellectual aspects of human functioning. When a student executes an asana in the ideal manner for that student's body with effective breath control, these aspects re-align and come into energetic harmony. From this place of harmony pranic channels (nadis) begin to resonate and open increasing the capacity and flow of prana. Thus, the student experiences a feeling of well being or happiness or peace. This increased flow of prana and the subsequent feelings of well-being set the student on the path of self-discovery and enlightenment about her or his true nature which is the realization of the presence of Higher Consciousness or Divinity that resides within each of us.

Each class in Svadhyaya Yoga™ begins with a practice of pratyahara. We turn the awareness inward and focus on the state of inner being. We observe the anna maya kosha (the physical), the prana maya kosha, (the pranic body), the mano-maya kosha (the emotional and intellectual bodies), the jnana maya kosha (the intuitive body). We unfold into the ananda maya kosha or the bliss body with each aspect of our practice.

In class, we then move into the practice of asana with attention to the quality of resonance within each individual body. The practice of pranayama is done throughout each asana and specific pranayama techniques are learned as students develop in self awareness.

Yoga meditation techniques are also practiced in each class. It is when we can drop into the inner silence that we experience union of the Individual Self (Atman) and the Supreme Self (Brahman).

Through the development of physical strength and flexibility and the subsequent resonance, the individual becomes adept in the mastery of knowledge of the Self (atman) or the Higher Consciousness that resides within each of us. We encourage the practice of "witness consciousness," "non-attachment," "non-judgment," "acceptance and acceptance of perfection as imperfection."
The classic texts are studied by the teachers, are an integral part of the teacher training and are offered to students who are interested in deepening their knowledge of the Self and Yoga.

The fundamental principles of Svadhyaya Yoga™encourage each student to learn the tools to discover your own inner "knowing," your innate wisdom. We are committed to help you discover your true yoga master!

Our class size is intentionally small. While we do not judge other commercialized schools with large classes, we believe in the individuality of the yoga experience and the importance of the relationship between teacher and student. Therefore, our average class is between 5 and 12 students. Small class size ensures that student and teacher alike have an opportunity to really work together on the student's learning. Each person comes to the center with a learning style and a learning personality. At Silver Lotus Yoga Institute part of the enjoyment we experience as teachers is working with the unique learning style of each student.
Above all, we want you to enjoy yoga. You will never be criticized for making a mistake or doing yoga the "wrong" way. We use verbal coaching to help you experience the benefit and joy of each posture rather than using "hands on " manipulations. We will always ask your permission before touching you. This minimizes risk of injury or fear.

Since each body "wears" its life in a unique way, we discourage the idea that your body "should" fit into a particular posture. We teach so that the posture fits and supports you.

The Institute is committed to offering in-depth study of yoga philosophy, anatomy and chakra system, meditation and teacher training. The Institute offers a number of weekend intensive training sessions on a variety of yoga subjects.

We celebrate diversity and embrace all people of color, ethnic background, religion, and sexual preference. We welcome bodies of all sizes, shapes and levels of fitness.

Please join us for a unique learning adventure. Receive Individualized Instruction in these times when Yoga is becoming industrialized.