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Tai Chi is an ancient art of movement that embraces body, mind and spirit. It is is considered to be the martial arts and self-defense aspect of its mother, Qigong. The words Tai Chi Chuan can be interpreted as "supreme ultimate fist." It is also sometimes referred to as shadow boxing. Tai Chi forms are choreographed movement sequences that include and develop skills in focused mental attention (mindfulness), visualization techniques, breath control, cultivation of internal strength and force, relaxation and loosening of the body, and ultimately mental tranquility. 

Silver Lotus student practicing Yang 24 Forms tai chiTai Chi principles reflect great depth and power. One can study and "play" Tai Chi for an entire lifetime and still have more to learn and understand. Paradoxically, Tai Chi is easy to learn and enjoy from one's first experience. The flowing movements of Tai Chi reflect and develop great inner strength. It has been compared to water flowing in a river. Underneath the tranquil surface lies tremendous force to nurture as well as destroy. With consistent practice students will be able to experience the power of this internal force, learn how to direct it for maximum health and balance and learn how to generate more internal energy. Tai Chi holds as one of its principal values, a sense of community and cooperation. Tai Chi players are just "fun to hang out with." 

There are many styles of Tai Chi, the most popular being Chen, Yang, Sun, Wu and Hau (also written as Wu in English) Each style has unique features, but the Tai Chi principles remain the same throughout the stylistic differences. 

At Silver Lotus we emphasize using Tai Chi for health and wellness. We do not teach martial arts, though we often include information about the martial art applications of each move to help students visualize and understand the movements. Our Tai Chi forms are specifically chosen for their health benefits. They are low impact forms that are slow and gentle on the joints and muscles. We put safety, comfort, and enjoyment first! 

Double Fan  Tai Chi FormThere is a myriad of scientific data (both from the West and the East) showing the various health benefits of Tai Chi. A few resources include the 2013 publication by Harvard Medical School that provides their Guide to Tai Chi including some impressive medical studies and the Centers for Disease Control recognition of Tai Chi for its many health benefits. The CDC particularly referenced Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention developed by Dr. Paul Lam and which we teach as one of our offerings at Silver Lotus Training Institute. 

Here at Silver Lotus, we offer Yang Style 24, 26 and 40 forms, Sun Style 73 forms, double fan form, fingle fan forms, Yang style 32 sword form, 42 combined sword forms, and a variety of Tai Chi for Health forms including, but not limited to: Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention, Tai Chi for Energy, Tai Chi for Rehabilitation, Tai Chi for Heart Conditions, and Tai Chi for Diabetes. 

Our faculty is committed to excellence in teaching and supporting your efforts in enjoying greater health through Tai Chi.

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